Thunderbird corrupted networking over hidden services

Thunderbird somehow after torbirdy removed because of its outdated and not compatible with the current Thunderbird version, trying to link your email smtp/pop over tor hidden services just doesnt work. I tried this with riseup and danwin1210 email providers both doesnt work, Testing it using plain debian + tor + proxychains + thunderbird it will work fine.

I opened ticket with riseup they confirmed to me that all their servers working and they are using onion hidden services.

So the issue within whonix firewall or so.

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danwin1210.me onions are currently working fine for me with thunderbird.

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Whonix Qubes?

and what is your Thunderbird network config IP , Port…

and i assume nothing opened in firewall than the vanilla firewall rules
coming with whonix?

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if you’re using qubes, that may be the difference. This is with kvm on a debian host. there’s nothing particularly modified about it. whonix firewall is at deafults. thunderbird connection ip/port =

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got new report for the same issue on IRC, this is whonix-qubes issue.

The problem is occurred due to default network setting from Thunderbird.
Follow it below. I’ve got this settings from Tails OS.

Edit (from Thunderbird Menu Bar) -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network & Disk Space -> Connection -> Settings…
-> Select ‘Manual proxy configuration:’
-> Type SOCKS HOST: ‘’ Port: ‘9050’
-> Check ‘SOCKS v5’
-> Check ‘Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5’

I’ve tested Whonix VirtualBox

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