Thunderbird ask to send anonymous feedback to mozilla

This should be disabled as we are using an anonymous OS not normal one. and TBB disabled as well the browser feedback even to Tor itself. so for security sake its better to disable it.

On Whonix-Workstation 14? Is package torbirdy installed? Should be. And torbirdy should be taking care of that.

Can’t reproduce in Whonix 14 based anon-whonix. No such question when starting thunderbird from command line.

I suspect it is due to disabling Torbirdy and installing the latest Torbirdy from a file. I also get prompted with that question when following the encrypted email instructions.


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using default TorBirdy which is inside whonix-ws-14

it doesnt always promote u with that, or maybe it did before and u dismiss miss it thats why its not coming again.

if u r talking about my case , i didnt install torbirdy from outside file except what it comes by default with whonix.

I am able to reproduce this. This happens on the first restart after configuring thunderbird.

Steps to reproduce: (Qubes-Whonix)

1. Create a new test AppVM.

qvm-create -t whonix-ws-14 --class AppVM --label red test-tbird

2. In dom0 terminal, start a konsole in test-tbird

qvm-run test-tbird konsole

3. In test-tbird start Thunderbird.


4. In Thunderbird “Mail account Setup” add any name and a fake email address (something@anything.com) then hit continue.

5. Shutdown Thunderbird only! Not the AppVM.

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, Hit: Three horizontal lines (hamberger) -> Quit

6. In test-tbird konsole, start Thunderbird.


This is reproducible every time for me but only when configuring Thunderbird in a new VM and only on the first restart. I ran a start / restart loop with 2 different thunderbird AppVMs (25 each) and was unable to reproduce otherwise.


Does this also happen with torbirdy from stretch-backports?


Never version. Just wondering this was already fixed upstream or if this requires a bug report.

found it , its enabled by default see:

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Could you check torbirdy on trac.torproject.org please and report a bug if none exists yet?

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