Thunderbird and Hexchat English dictionaries - Spell checker Enhancement

These enhancements will increase the user usability/comfortable by default:

  • In Thunderbird when you type your emails there is no english spell checker, which is kinda not useful if you are typing fast (and re-reading an entire email not always good for the eyes depend on the length of it…)


add English dictionary by default:

- Hexchat as well has an issue with english spell checker. but i dunno how to solve this.

Edit: Hexchat spell checker doesnt work due to firejailing

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Spellchecker by default would be cool. Could be technically difficult (speak: not going to happen) for Whonix to ship it by default for Thunderbird.

I haven’t found any spellchecker addon (xul-ext) in Debian.

Many xul-ext seem not to have made its way into Debian buster and even not into sid (Debian unstable) for some reason? Probably Mozilla’s change of addon API to webextensions. So Debian -- Error is not an option since not future proof.

Does any package from Debian -- Package Search Results -- thunderbird-l10n help? Is this just localization of Thunderbird or does it contain localized spell checker? There is no thunderbird-l10n-en-us which indicates that it’s not needed for default English.

//cc @tempest @torjunkie @HulaHoop for documentation enhancements and package suggestions.


hunspell package is the way to go for Thunderbird:

After installing it, Thunderbird now automatically underlines incorrect words I type when composing. You can support other language spell-checking this way too.

Thunderbird is indeed moving to webextensions too. Fortunately we don’t need to rely on an add-on for this functionality.

No it just adds language support.


Sounds good!

Can you confirm that installation of hunspell-en-us adds spell checking to Thunderbird?

Does this also add spell checking to hexchat?



yeah brilliant , Thanks @hulahoop.

@Patrick yes it did work! (for both), cool we can add it officially to WS.