The newcomer experience

I have a few questions for anyone who may have used Whonix as their first distro (or at least gravitated to it early on when learning the ropes with Linux):

  • How long ago was this and/or what build did you start on?
  • What was the experience like?
  • Were there any particular resources that you found helpful (documentation/videos etc)?
  • What sort of resources do you think might have assisted you better?

Thanks in advance for any responses :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi PitchinPango

Welcome to the Whonix community!!

I started out with Whonix 11/12 (or so).

What was my experience like? It was awesome! I’m here on the forum, testing Whonix and/or editing the Whonix wiki almost every day now. Like I said Awesome!!

I recently wrote about my first experience with Whonix which was also my first time using Linux.


The Whonix Wiki is chalk full of great info. I would start from the beginning and read a little bit everyday . The forum search engine (upper right hand corner of your screen) is a great information resource as well.

Google Season of Docs will be winding up to the writing phase which should add much needed beginner documentation. :slight_smile:


Hi 0brand,

Thanks for the response! I enjoyed the trip down rookie memory lane, which I can certainly relate to!

I’ll be sure to further familiarise myself with the Wiki and the search engine during the coming weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

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