The easiest way to torify an OS

one of the whonix-qubes advantages is:-

u can easily connect any appVM OS to sys-Whonix/Whonix Gateway.

just choose any VM u like to torify it connections, and then right click on the VM and then choose “VM settings” then u gonna c “NetVM” change it to " sys-Whonix" or “…etc” (whatever u have named the whonix GW) then press “OK”. >>> congratulation!

Note:- this method is NOT secure. just for fun :D. like for example torifying windows OS 8). still not secure DONT trust Microsoft. like i said just have fun.

Good day,

sorry to say, but doesn’t that actually undermine the entire reasoning behind using Qubes over other soltutions?

Have a nice day,


P.S.: Sorry, just saw you’ve mentioned yourself that this is not ideal.

Hi ,
Question to both of you :
why do you think that this isnt “Secure” ?

Isnt Qubes about Isolation and your not breaking that when you set whonix-gateway as netvm .

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