The best way to set VPN with QubesWhonix

WhonixWS →Tor → VPN → internet
Sometimes I want to connect to the Internet in this form, but the settings do not work.

I made sys-vpn with the Debian template.
At first, I used the official Protonvpn app in sys-vpn.
WhonixWS → sys-vpn → sys-whonix → sys-firewall → sys-net
Then I connected like this. But it didn’t work.

Next, I tried using OpenVPN CLI in sys-vpn instead of the official application of Protonvpn. But this did not work too. I downloaded the TCP files. not UDP files.

After that, I think installing the VPN app in the Whonixws. Is there any other way to connect to VPN? What is the best way?

read first:

I’ve already read it. I’m asking because I don’t understand after reading it. The forums here are completely useless. I’ll get a better answer if I ask AI.