The 7.0.9 release broke the Whonix landing page in Tor Browser


Oh yeah, the 7.0.9 release broke the Whonix landing page in Tor Browser, because they closed some security hole in the file:/// resource, which obviously affects the local loading of it.

Guess you’d call that an “Unbreak now” item. :wink:


Known issues: The fix we deployed is just a workaround stopping the leak. As a result of that navigating file:// URLs in the browser might not work as expected anymore. In particular entering file:// URLs in the URL bar and clicking on resulting links is broken. Opening those in a new tab or new window does not work either. A workaround for those issues is dragging the link into the URL bar or on a tab instead. We track this follow-up regression in bug 24136.


yeah sadly RIP whonix welcome page , this is the result now:-


After loading file:// URLs clicking on links is broken on OS X and Linux


Leaving the page plain, though does not affect functionality, may leave users who are not familiar with Whonix the wrong impression that Whonix is not actively fixing bugs or whatever.

A workaround:



What happens when Tor Browser gets fixed?

Could you test in an old version please so it won’t look totally
horrible then?


That looks really cool and oldschool. I like ASCII art instead actually. I don’t know what your average user impression about the product would be but I would love to see this replace the old logo. As a single person though my opinion should not matter.


Patrick Schleizer:

What happens when Tor Browser gets fixed?

Hi Patrick! As the commit says, once Tor Browser gets fixed, we can use
a git checkout to restore to the older one which looks much better than
this one.

Could you test in an old version please so it won’t look totally
horrible then?

It may looks horrible. But since we are not going to use it anymore once
the Tor Browser gets fixed, it is okay, I think?


What’s the relation of whonix.html and whonix_new.html? They don’t seem to be referencing each other?

@Ego Could you please review this?


Good day,

Sorry, but I couldn’t find any reference to “whonix_new.html” in either of the repositories. Could you perhaps point me to that file?

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In this commit:





Good day,

Sorry, totally forgot “forked repositories are not currently searchable.” and thus didn’t look properly. Now, maybe I’m missing something but I do not see any reason, why the two should reference each other. “whonix_new.html” seems to soely include the ASCII adjustments while “whonix.html” does the same plus the required reference to “stylesheet.css”, as well as some layout optimizations. The only reason the two would benefit from referencing one another would be to perhaps exclude the plain and hard to read ASCII part from “whonix.html” and have that ASCII code in a separate file. However, seeing how both include the ASCII, this is neither the case at the moment, nor do I see any reason for “whonix_new.html”'s existence, as bother include the same code.

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I am so sorry for the confusion due to my carelessness. The whonix_new.html was just used for temporary testing and I forgot to exclude it. I have done another commit to remove the whonix_new.html.