Testers-only version (Whonix 9) and Riseups new VPN service

Hi Patrick hope your whonix adventures are going fine,anyway I decided to do some of my own tests on the testers only version this is not the newest testers version though by the time i fined out it wasn’t the newest I had already finished my tests,anyway I think I should still share my testing results with you.The first test I did was to see if it could recognized a revoked security certificate as this image explains http://gyazo.com/4be8e9b2f6ed5ce7fe999c66f1158e51 and here are the results

http://gyazo.com/815c886f9f8462056cb57ade0bccbedc the 2nd test was called “DNS nameserver spoofability test” i’ll give you a couple of the results since there is too many http://gyazo.com/74f37587d5b9a82f95a06c64385ecfb9

http://gyazo.com/88ee5ab76da32805e63390985f66d6e4 http://gyazo.com/76434ee453773d22fd451820f7c08928

http://gyazo.com/964171deb68985112996e53eb34fe599 http://gyazo.com/b8776099e8083859df703433a3c2b0e1

http://gyazo.com/d9b1fde6a321e4e141c4b76506ca542c and this might help explain whats going on

http://gyazo.com/563a196771b697bec675692b9f3f4f8b http://gyazo.com/14d26c67dc75c91f1f7a2c2721ad6a8a

next I did another test to see how much info this website could get just by visiting it

http://gyazo.com/918e7c70b574c7849694bb17af49cd80 finally i’ve done a flashleak test

http://gyazo.com/432a5fa5b47309a073afb372b5d69281 http://gyazo.com/d1d1c97c3c01bb2f9da79bb6204cb566

Now for the 2nd topic,have you heard of Riseup’s new VPN? https://help.riseup.net/en/vpn/why-is-needed it uses the LEAP technology and aims this VPN is more user friendly according to them,but as I remember you saying all VPNs have that close-mechanism problem if I remembered correctly,is it possible to solve that security issue?Also whats your opinion on Rise’s ups new VPN?

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