Terminal-only contribute

Hi !

I recently wanted a terminal only version of the whonix gateway.
As it’s written in the documentation I had to build it from the source code.

I saw you are looking for volunteers and I would be happy to help with release management and especially by adding a terminal only image.

I was not sure how to contact the team so I post my message here.
Thanks for your work.


Hi @Tibo !

First of all, thank you for your interest in contributing to the Whonix! WELCOME!!

That sounds a very meaningful thing to do, especially when people would like to use whonix-gateway as a torification router on a physical devices or so. :slight_smile:

Yes! It would be extremely helpful for Whonix to have more volunteers.

Sounds great! So far, I do not think there is an option to build a GUI-free Whonix gateway. But the following documentations may still be helpful:

Above build page contains a lot of links, but this one may be one of the most important ones:


For further steps, we may have to wait for @Patrick to give advice and suggestions. (It may take a while so I hope you will not loose your interest too soon. :wink: )

You are on the right track! :slight_smile:

Normally, development discussions happen on either Whonix Forum or Whonix ticket system called phabricator. So for the issue concerning terminal-only gateway, you can choose either:

  • open up a related ticket on phabricator
  • or keep using this thread (you can ask the forum moderator to move this thread from organization section to development section later.)

Please do not be afraid to ask questions because Whonix people are always willing to help. In addition, I am thinking about how to make Whonix more contributor friendly and your questions and feedback may be very valuable to benefit this goal!


Hi !
Thank you for your answer !

My account on phabricator is waiting for approval :wink:.

I think that a contribution guide would be helpful.
For people like me, who are not used to contribute to open source project, it’s kind of hard to know where to start.
Starting directly by trying to make a terminal only version, it’s just suicide :smiley: .

I will try to help with easy issues first (if there are some), to get familiar with the code.
Any advices from Whonix developer is welcome !

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Your account has been approved. If you have any problems logging in you can ask for help in this thread. Otherwise, if there is anything I can help you with please let me know.



There once was a “–gui none” option for terminal-only builds in the whonix build script, you might want to start from there.

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I try will help with easy issues first (if there are some), to get familiar with the code.

There surely are. Yes, that would be a very good start!

What about this one…?

Disable VLC metadata collection by default

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Thank you !

I already tried to build the gateway with “–gui none” without success.
I’ll dig into it.

Perfect let’s start with that one !


Hello everyone

I am planning to take on the terminal version for the gateway. If you have made some progress please feel free to share with me to avoid duplication of efforts. I am also looking forward to any suggestions you have regarding features that should be incorporated (beyond the terminal-only)

@iry I personally feel that this in itself has a large demand - to the extent as having a router box (on a physical device). Would want to have a detailed discussion on pros and cons in a few days.


Sure! I am looking forward to it!


You can take a look here: https://github.com/Whonix/anon-meta-packages/compare/master...Algernon-01:master

for most of the packages required for a terminal only version. You would need to remove the rpi-patches and add/remove firmware or drivers depending on your needs.

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