Telegram says "Verification code sent to your others devices" - JMP Mobile Number Service

Has anyone else been given the distinct impression that JMP has been owned by Telegram?

The reason that I say this is that I have cycled through countless (OK, maybe 8 or so) unique numbers that I’ve given to telegram-desktop and they all posit to me via connection over a definitely clean exit that the verification code has been sent to my other devices.

If anybody can provide me with a secure, anon, and reliable method to register for & connect to Telegram I will actually pay cold hard Bitcoin. I am not doing anything nefarious I just want privacy, they seem to shun that.

More probable that telegram found out the link through other ways?

Can you even register telegram without the telegram phone app?

You must only use Whonix-Workstation during telegram sign-up. You cannot use any real phone whatsoever. Do not scan etc. anything with your phone.

So you’re saying,

  1. your phone is located away from you

  2. you create a new account on JMP using Whonix-Workstation only

  3. you use Whonix-Workstation only to sign up for Telegram…

And yet Telegram sends verification codes to your other phones?

How should that be possible without you leaking your identity to telegram such as by not keeping your hands away from your phone during sign-up?

I have never registered (successfully) for Telegram because I’ve only ever attempted to register using Whonix-Workstation.

Every time that I use a JMP-provided VoIP number for SMS, it says “Verification code sent to your others devices.”

It’s not even that they’re blocking Tor in this case because I am using a VPS exit.

So you didn’t actually receive any codes on any devices that you actually own? If so, good. You haven’t de-anonymized yourself.

What does this mean? Simple. The most probable explanation is that others are using JMP (or a similar service that owned the number before) too. And they used that number to sign up for JMP. Now when you attempt to sign-up with a number already registered for Telegram, then Telegram will send a code to “your” (means “their, some other people”) Telegram phones.

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how did you cycled through 8 or so while payment can be done to have only one number?

nevertheless any issue with JMP service please contact them directly.