Telegram leaks real IP through untorified Android Phone

When I login to my Telegram account by scanning the QR code with my phone (untorified) either through web app or desktop client on my standard Whonix WS qube I sometimes get duplicate service notifications from Telegram on my phone that also includes my real IP.

That is, if my Tor exit node is happen to be in the Netherlands and my real location is Brazil then I’ll get one service notification with a warning that someone logged into my account from the Netherlands on a device running Qubes OS and then immediately another one stating that someone logged into my account from my real Brazilian IP on the same device running Qubes OS.

How can that be explained?

I sometimes need to read my Telegram chats under Whonix so that I could browse the links in the chats on another qube while at the same time making sure that I won’t accidentally misclick and open the link from my direct/untortified connection. Overall I don’t have any concerns about my anonymity in the particular use-case. it’s just an interesting observation I cannot explain myself.

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This is where telegram is getting your real IP from.

User error. Not something Whonix can fix.

You must never connect, leave any clues for any application or service to make a connection between anonymous and non-anonymous spaces.

Kinda mentioned in documentation.

Not 100% saying “avoid telegram app based 2FA”. Only recommending against SMS based 2FA.

The following is making a similar recommendation but more generally speaking to cover specific examples at time of writing:
Tips on Remaining Anonymous chapter Keep Anonymity Modes separate in Whonix wiki

You shouldn’t reveal your real phone (number) to anyone (including telegram):
Tips on Remaining Anonymous chapter Always Withhold your Identifying Data in Whonix wiki

Tips on Remaining Anonymous chapter Only Connect to a Server Either Anonymously Or Non-anonymously in Whonix wiki