telegram in whonix (live)?

hi , im trying to use telegram inside whonix… i have 2 files from my telegram account (phone #): .json & .session files.

i tryed 2 different ways to install telegram with no luck …

sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install telegram-desktop

i tryed with SnapCraft… i press CTRL+H… i find the TeleGramDesktop folder that says ‘tdata’. I try to drag & drop both files here… with no luck. :-/

then I try using regular repository but i think it is out-of-date…

sudo apt install telegram-desktop

Telegram is able to launch both ways… BUT it asks for SMS verifycation.

i know on windows and TAILS, you only need those 2 files & u put it in the .telegram folder on TAILS I think… i was able to get past SMS verifycation this way.

then i try to find the same folders, the tdata folder, and drag & drop the 2 files with no luck…

but I am running the system live so I cannot always confirm via SMS… any tips or ideas? think if i use flatpak… it will help???

any hints or help would be awesome, ty. :slight_smile:

When installed using flatpak or snap I am not sure where user data is stored.

When installed using apt or direct file download, the user data should be in the home folder.

yes when I CTRL+H. it shows the home folder. installing with snap if you CTRL+H it is inside home > snap > telegramdesktop > tdata.

using repository i think is out of data it is in home > telegramdesktop > tdata

but have had no luck using either… i will try Flatpak to see.

Put the home folder under git version control to learn where files are created. See:
Put folder under Git Version Control in Kicksecure wiki

i will give this a try, ty u patrick!

no luck…

this is the directory where telegram is with SNAP. i know with TAILS you can drag & drop the .json & .session files but it appears not in Whonix…

the directory is


any time i try put files in there it does nothing :frowning:

There should not be any differences here between Debian, Tails and Whonix. In theory, it could be different in Tails due to Tails having a different implementation for persistence. [1]

At the very least, there should be no differences in Debian versus Whonix because nothing of what Whonix influences the file locations. This is unspecific to Whonix.

It can therefore be resolved thorugh:

[1] Afaik Tails users can set up Debian live-boot persistence but don’t ask me about it.

Please compare with Debian. This makes the issue unspecific to Whonix and opens up to much wider support resources.

So where are they stored? By watching the new files created in the home folder you should be able to find out.

Bold added. The bold part might be variable. I don’t know enough about snap to tell if the number in the path 4826 is fixed or random per installation or user name or something.