Telegram channel notes

Hello. The Telegram bot Rose has a feature called notes. Whenever /notes is typed a list of user defined notes appear. A user can the call any notes with a hash tag. For example #wiki. That can appear the Whonix wiki link.
Example from ParrotOS offtopic group:
List of notes in ParrotOS offtopic:

  • blog
  • books
  • community
  • docs
  • documentation
  • donate
  • download
  • facebook
  • goals
  • google
  • hackaio
  • howtohack
  • instagram
  • irc
  • learn
  • motivate
  • motivation
  • nest
  • official
  • partners
  • resources
  • social_channels
  • team
  • telegram_communities
  • tg_channel
  • twitter
  • website
  • youtube
    You can retrieve these notes by using /get notename, or #notename
    Click the following to see our official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj2dezzTc_Oy9eAEwBBodpw
    This could save a lot of time since a user would not have to go back and forth to copy paste links. What do you think?
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