Team Cymru and Tor Project.

This does not apply to Whonix, but it does apply to the Tor Project that uses Whonix, so I think the discussion of the Tor Project and Team Cymru is correct, I want to hear the opinion of experts.

I know many of you (maybe) have read all of this, but for some reason you haven’t talked about it there, even though it’s a threat, because Team Cymru is known for working with the FBI and not only, they help the FBI find the hacker’s infrastructure.

Are they still sponsoring the Tor Project infrastructure? Or are they already doing it anonymously?

Such a sad development. Team Cymru were one of the good guys. Since TPO devs designated them as a hostile party, they will actively exclude any nodes of theirs if detected. As for cryptocurrency donations, if made, should have no bearing on the security of the Tor network.

Just sponsoring with money means nothing. But sponsoring the infrastructure is already a threat. They (Team Cymru) sponsored the infrastructure for Tor Project and are engaged in tracking and surveillance, so the Tor Project should completely abandon their infrastructure, but will that save them? Have you read what tools Team Cymru have?

I don’t know why, but they don’t want to discuss it (it’s forum Tor Project)