TBB in whonix Workstation

inside workstation there is tor browser bundle.
is this considered as tor over tor senario?

how about installing TBB on other linux system istead of whonix workstation?

note as noob i tried to read documents but cant unterstand anything about tor over tor

how to useTBB correctly behind gateway

Hi stefanos welcome to the Whonix forum!

Tor Browser in Whonix-Workstation is adjusted to work behind Whonix-Gateway to prevent Tor over Tor. So its safe to use Tor Browser in Whonix-Workstation.


You can use other operating systems along with Tor Browser behind Whonix-Gateway if you would like. However, the default is recommended if you are not an experienced Whonix user.


I would recommend sticking with the default Whonix-Workstation until you get some experience under your belt. That way you won’t have to worry about Tor over Tor scenarios.


well done