TBB gives me more nodes from the same country, how to increase number of relays?


when I use tor browser bundle, very often I see 3 nodes of which 2 are from the same country, or one time Swedish node was exit node, the next time it is entry node, the same IP, when I restart tor. of course, I don’t like it. the same server can be my entry or exit node, then, they know my IP address.

now I started TBB after 5 minutes and again, I have the same entry node from Bulgaria, it is not changed. I think I get always the same tor relays, they change but in circle, always the same. It is like that 10 tor relays change and they collect my IP. I will start to write them on the paper, after 3 days, I will see if they repeat each others all the time or I get new relays.

my second question is how to increase number of relays in TBB? instead of 3, I would like 5. I don’t see such option in tor network settings.

Hi @alanford

I believe your questions are answered here:

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