Takes forever for the torbrowser update check to finish Whonix 8


After a couple of tries I havent been successfull in upgrading torbrowser in the new whonix 8.

The gateway seems to work just fine, but the workstation doesnt.

And there is no installed version of tbb so I cant manually download it (except via console ofc)

Any help is appreciated.

rebooted the Workstation, succeded the whonixcheck, will see if the torbrowser will update like it should.

Ill report back

I encountered the very same thing with an otherwise perfectly functional Whonix 8 Workstation. That is to say: 3 attempts to install it, 2 of them failed after 4-5 hours each, last one succeeded (also after 4-5 hours). Pretty long for 23 MB of download. It works but it is a game of chance.

During my last attempt, I started the updater from the commandline and noticed that it’s downloading from some Torproject onion address - maybe this is the reason, don’t know!

Eventually The Tor Project’s Tor (tpo) hidden service (hs) is slow. Eventually too many Whonix users are attempting to install Tor Browser downloading it from tpo’s hs.

Try to download through clearnet. There is a clearnet option in the update-torbrowser script.

What doesn’t work? Torbrowser download script or something else as well not?

And there is no installed version of tbb so I cant manually download it (except via console ofc)
Iceweasel is installed by default for such cases.

Thanks a lot for the hint! Will be much appreciated on an imaginable fresh install of the Workstation VM.

[quote=“bert, post:1, topic:116”]Got some error from whonix check.

Transport test result: Tor’s transport was not reachable. (curl return code: [35] - [SSL connect error. The ssl handshaking failed.])[/quote]
This is unrelated. Split the topic: https://www.whonix.org/forum/index.php/topic,108.0.html

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