systemcheck error - *please report bug* ( & control port )

Gateway’s systemcheck asks to report bug
. . .
pid file ‘/run/tor/’ does not exist

/bin/systemctl --no-pager --no-block status tor@default

tor’s control port could not be reached
. . .
“Linux2022” that installed along with Gateway and Workstation can be deleted with no effect on either. What was that?

It looks like Gateway control port is supposed to be already configured in Whonix.
sudo service tor status - says active
nyx wants control port opened
Am I supposed to put a password on the control port?

How did you end up in that situation? What are the steps to reproduce this issue?

Tor will fail to start if configuration is faulty.

As per free support principle:

  1. learn about Tor and how to configure it independently from Whonix
  2. come back to Whonix
  3. you can apply the knowledge which you learned independently about Tor.

What’s that?

None of that. Just make sure you don’t break networking by removing the virtual network card from the host virtualizer settings and make sure to use a valid Tor config to avoid Tor from preventing to start. If these conditions are met, the user doesn’t need to do anything related to Tor ControlPort (which is created if Tor runs, no need for the user to do something special to create it beforehand).

I followed the installation guides step by step. Someone just knows how to attack the network and disrupt installation that, apparently, hasn’t made themselves known to experts like yourselves. They F the answers. Interference. Makes me have grave doubts about security since the experts aren’t even aware of their influence.

I have spent a lot of time on forums and researching tor. There is no guide for nyx, for instance. If you explore that program or the tor manpage anyone can see how complex that is. ONR and Center For Information Dominance as to instruct people under the watchful eye of the EMF Torrus and Psy to know how all that works. Whonix is already supposed to be configured. I don’t get answers on the forum. Has anyone developed a Tor MOOC or something like MIT online courseware? I don’t think there is a book that is published. Lots of questions. For example, if one logs into a site does that deanonymize the guard (e.g. facebook onion is a bad idea, or a forum onion even if synonymous), so that every circuit built thereafter can be know? It’s supposed to take 2-3 months to deanonymize a guard. How do people pretend to know my onion activity? Psychics don’t exist.

VirtualBox still works for me. I just won’t report bugs the system ask me to report because the developers blame the user instead of fixing the issue. I think it is external attack during install. Nothing much I can do about that myself. I think all the globe just conspires against because they all benefit from wife-stealing.