sys-whonix dom0 updates failing on Qubes R4.1 with Qubes-Whonix 16

Getting this issue also:

Error on updating whonix-gw-16:

ID: update
Function: pkg.uptodate
Result: False
Comment: Failed to fetch tor- Invalid response from proxy: HTTP/1.0 500 Unable to connect Server: tinyproxy/1.10.0 Content-Type: text/html Connection: close
[IP: 8082]

Its better to backup your QubeVMs and shift and use Qubes 4.2 with whonix 17

Currently there is no upgrade from qubes 4.1.x to 4.2, so start fresh install with restoring previous QubeVMs to the new Qubes.

Thats better to see where are the real bugs happening.

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Whonix 17 wasn’t released for Qubes R4.1 and won’t be.

If you like to use Whonix 17, you need Qubes R4.2.

But am using whonix-16, not whonix-17

R4.2 is a testing release, not stable release. Am trying to use Whonix-16 not Whonix-17

This is a good idea nonetheless.

I am not using Qubes R4.1 anymore myself. Whonix 16 on Qubes R4.1 still has security support, that is in the theoretic case that any security issues in Whonix code are discovered, these would be fixed.

However, I cannot run too many releases myself. I don’t know what changes were done in Qubes R4.1 which might have broken this. Qubes has more activity than I can keep up with.

Hence, if nobody can suggest a solution, this will probably remain unfixed.

Qubes dom0 updates is functional for me in Qubes R4.2 with Qubes-Whonix 17.

How can we have a way of bringing both Qubes and Whonix developers in one single forum to document
and resolve issues such as this?

It just seems to be an issue with retrieving the packages from the Qubes repo; it is like the resource is not present.

You are running old whonix version which is 16, and whonix 17 is available only on qubes 4.2.

So please install 4.2 with 17 we are already there.

What is the reason that there is no in-place upgrade from R4.1 to R4.2? What prevents this?

Upstream (Qubes OS) hasn’t provided a method to do so yet.

However, for better security and, at times, improved usability, it is recommended to perform a fresh start, especially with Qubes. This ensures that everything is presented fresh without the headache of issues that may arise during the upgrade process.

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So does this mean that whonix-16 is no longer maintained?

What if installing R4.2 is not possible?


It’s maintained in that sense but developers don’t have time to fix all the obscure bugs.

Out of luck. The usual, only options. Learn how to fix it yourself, hope somebody figures this out and sharing here or pay a developer to fix this.

So what would be the main difference in upgrading to R4.2? How would it solve the issue?

It’s the version which developers are using and said is working. Better chances of being lucky.

Can you upgrade Whonix Templates?

Can you upgrade other Templates over sys-whonix?

For debugging purposes, please run:

systemcheck --ip-test


  • anon-whonix
  • sys-whonix
  • Whonix-Gateway Template
  • Whonix-Workstation Template

And post the output here in case there are any warnings or errors. Otherwise please confirm if no warnings or errors are shown.