sys-vpn > sys-whonix need to change guard ?

i’m testing the config suggested here for Qubes


i was no able to setup my vpn provider to use cli and iptable, for lack of info from the vpn service ( they have their own vpn app but also a openvpn config file without support ) or/and lack of knowledge on my side!

However i have used the network manager approach, that create .pem and auth file from the config.ovpn file , set up a script to autostart vpn and firewall iptable rule for the net interface inside the appvm to take care for possible drop, a firewall rule on the qube manager to only allow connection to the vpn server on openvpn port
i hope that was enough to not discover my real ip if vpn drop, and the net interface connect directly i will make some test , without sys-wonix running to see if i receive the net whit my real ip

However for now work great

My concern now is about the guard that still the guard that was before apply
user > vpn > tor route

When i have started everything the guard was located where the tunnel go…
but when i have started the anon-whonix the old guard connected from my actual location
is this supposed to be correct ? or i have to take some action ?

you just trusted the VPN provider to see where you are going and who you are instead of the Tor Guard who just know who you are but not where are you going…

VPN generally discouraged to be used.

The scenario you have described cant be tested due to many factors which give different results, So the only help is to help yourself by yourself to determine if everything working properly.

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