Suggestion: "Tor Control Panel" on Gateway without root

Hi. You’ve made a great ‘upgrade-nonroot’ feature which allows to upgrade Whonix without entering the root password. I’d like the same feature for “Tor Control Panel” in Gateway. I’m tired of entering password every time. ‘Tor Control Panel’ on Gateway allows to easily switch to New Identity with non-Tor apps on Workstation. Also, some times I need to restart TOR on Gateway. What about this feature?

This doesn’t necessarily require any action from Whonix developer side.

Users are free to add any sudoers exceptions as they see fit. Refer to upstream documentation. Unspecific to Whonix. See Free Support for Whonix ™.

Also possible to make all commands run without entering a password. See:

I am not sure about upgrade-nonroot yet. This will be reconsidered, might be undone in context of