Suggestion for Whonix Workstation developers about virtual disks

Hello. Whonix VirtualBox system is designed to have one single .vdi disk with one partition with / mountpoint so it must be stored whether on fast SSD or slow HDD. But what if a user have a small SSD and big HDD? A user might want to have high system speed and a lot of free space for storing data.

So, I suggest to make two .vdi files for Whonix Workstation. One is for system with mountpoint / and the other one for /home (and may be /var). So a user can place system .vdi disk to a fast SSD drive and userdata .vdi disk to a slow HDD drive. Do you support my opinion?

Functionality wise that’s a good idea. Similar to what Qubes is doing in TemplateBasedVMs, a split root and private image.

Useful feature.

  • Making user data backups (only /home) easier.
  • Perhaps making re-installation/upgrades to newer Whonix releases either. (Replace root image and keep private image.)

Implementation wise it’s difficult:

Help welcome. I suggest to document how to do this manually first.