sudo whonix_repository doesnt work


sudo whonix_repository


ERROR --repository must be either stable , stable-proposed-updates , testers or developers.

so when open “whonix repository” or “setup wizard” it shouldnt say “sudo whonix_repository” rather it should say:-

“sudo whonix --repository”

then choose one of these repos

  • stable
  • testers
  • developer

or any form u like …

so the working command is for testers as e.g

sudo whonix --repository testers

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whonixcheck and whonix-setup-wizard mention sudo whonix_repository. At that point however, there is the wrong place to explain the whole command.

sudo whonix_repository is supposed to be self explanatory.

man whonix_repository

whonix_repository is the name of the tool. --repository is a command line switch.

Maybe the error message should give a full example instead?

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yes thats will be great

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