Stuck connecting to meek-azure

I’m trying to connect to a tor relay via meek-azure (my school wifi is very restrictive, nothing else works). In the Tor Browser, meek-azure connects successfully but in Whonix, it’s stuck on “10% Bootstrap phase: Connected to a relay”. This is a fresh install of VirtualBox 6.1.28 with Whonix-XFCE- How can I fix this issue? Thanks!

meek-azure is going a-bye-bye soon. Don’t know if they pull ed the plug on it yet, but you’re better off going with obfs4 or snowflake.

That’s not a useful reply. I explicitly stated in my question that meek-azure is the only one that works.

Nevermind, I used Tor Browser to request a custom obfs4 bridge and then put that in to Whonix now. No more school firewall :slight_smile: Thanks!