Streamlining Dev Collaboration


A few things have stood out to me that could be updated for simplifying collaboration between developers on the Whonix™ project. Namely, chat and git ops.

I have a few solutions that I would like to propose for these.


Currently, most conversation happens on Discourse. Discourse is an awesome tool, but I notice during my troubleshooting conversations that the thread about CI work is clogged with lots of back and forth debugging chat.

I have heard there is a telegram chat, but I do not use this service, and no longer have a smartphone connected to an SMS network.

Modern software devs often use tools like Slack, Mattermost, and Microsoft Teams to collaborate, but I think adding new tools is a bit much

Proposed Solution:

We could easily implement the new Discourse chat plugin for conversations between devs, and perhaps a bit of lighthearted convo too, in case contributors want to get to know each other and build community :slight_smile:

Git Workflows

Currently, we are using a few different Github repositories with various owners to make Whonix work. Phabricator seems to no longer be used, but Kanban boards would be awesome to help catalogue objectives and define milestones for the project.

I think having a centralized project board on repositories would be a great way to help organize things.

Proposed Solution:

Move all source code to a Gitea instance (I am happy to maintain and have a domain registered). We can use their issues feature to define and prioritize work, and create project boards with clearly defined acceptance criteria as well as Good Starter Issue tags for new contributors.

We can use scripts to migrate issues from Phabricator to Gitea, and have all the relevant repositories on under one organization which @Patrick can be the admin.

Final Thoughts

I think Discourse is great, and that Discourse and Gitea could be the primary homes for Whonix moving forward. Discussion and work organization could be defined entirely in these two services, and could fill the void that services like Phabricator and Telegram were initially intended to address.

Thank you for letting me speak my peace. Also, it should be mentioned that I am happy to implement all this work. The entire objective of my thoughts is to streamline development and community engagement, and not to overload devs that are already busy working on things.



About chat protocols. Personally partial to IRC given the low usage requirements and simplicity of the protocol. Unfortunately the latter is also its weakens. Without a persistent connection you will lose chat history.

IRCv3 is an ‘official’ set of protocol extensions as specifications of which one might handle server-side retention and synchronisation of chat history but unfortunately without client and server support it still is not there yet.

Thank you

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