Stream Isolation Issue

I have been using whonix for a few years now, and I recently noticed this issue regarding Stream Isolation. I use a 1GB/s internet connection and TOR works consistently at speeds about 1MB/s. When I update 1 VM speed is 1MB/s, 2 VM speed is 500KB/s each, and 4VM speed is 250KB/s each.

Now the question, if Stream Isolation is active why they are sharing the same TOR channel? It is my understanding they should all use 4 different TOR channels at 1MB/s each, not the same at 250KB/s.

Am I missing something?

Thank you

Page above is must read before proceeding.

You already know the correct vocabulary “stream”, not “channel”, use the correct one.

First, they are probably sharing the same Gateway, this means that when there are multiple connections, it needs to share bandwidth. What happens with stream isolation is that the requests share a different path on the network (different circuits).

Stream isolation does not aim to do anything more than that, including not having bandwidth concurrence.

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Stream isolation is a Tor feature.

Thank you both for your replies. Yes all VMs are sharing the same Gateway. My previous understanding was that with stream isolation there are different circuits and “full bandwidth” per circuit, but I see now that’s not the case and there will always be bandwidth concurrence unless different Gateways are used.

It is clear now.