Stream Isolation for Monero


While I using Monero, I had a few questions. I use Whonix in VirtualBox.

  1. Do I understand correctly, in order to make Stream Isolation for several instants of Monero running simultaneously, I have to execute this command “torsocks /file path/monero-wallet-gui”?

  2. If everything is correct in the 1st point, then next I noticed an interesting thing. When I run Monero in normal mode, most of the traffic goes through the eth0 interface, but if I use the command from point 1, then most of the traffic starts going through the lo interface. Is this normal?

  3. I would like to understand if it makes any sense at all to use Stream Isolation for different instants of Monero. Is it advisable?

Unknown. Not researched. Undocumented. Untested.

See also:

This is a difficult question. If it was simple to stream isolate an application, which means to reliably without exception make it use Tor, there would be less need for Whonix’s split-design with Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation.

Elaborated here:
How to mitigate identity correlation

Finding up to date instructions for torification is difficult because developing instructions for torification itself is a difficult process.

Actually a good sign because Monero is then forced by torsocks to talk to a local Tor SocksPort. (That SocksPort is redirected to Whonix-Gateway thanks to

If there is no other traffic seen except to localhost, could be a sign that most if not all traffic is going to the local SocksPort and thereby effectively stream isolated.


As usual thanks a lot for your answer!