Stormy - A Script to automate setup of simple blogs

Mentioned in latest Tor Weekly Newsletter is Stormy. It applies an idea I posted as a Github ticket sometime ago. Would you see value in adding it to Whonix?—-november-19th-2014:

Griffin Boyce requested feedback on a “very rough” version of Stormy, the simple hidden service setup wizard. “I’d love to get feedback on places where it breaks and where it could use a major structural change […] the current setup is entirely for development and should not be used as-is.”

Griffin asked for feedback here:

His script repo:


It install the web service on the same machine as the Tor client.

Left some feedback on the mailing list.


I think it’s non-ideal to modify config files using cat/sed/echo. That
breaks sooner or later. And if later settings are supposed to be changed
in the same file, things get messy. Some suggestions…

It would be better to put the config files into (debian) packages.

Want to disable popcon? Have some package that ships a config file that
disables it. What if an existing package owns that config file? Use
config-package-dev’s [1] displace feature. Or have a package that
conflicts/replaces popcon.

Then have packages such as hidden-service-wordpress depend on
popcon-disable package.

Please consider to set timezone to UTC. Perhaps use the timezone-utc [2]

What about disabling tcp timestamps? Perhaps use tcp-timestamps-disable
for [3] that?

There is some more functionality that might be useful. List: [4]

You’re sure you’re not inventing a new linux distribution here?


[1] Debian configuration packages
[4] Whonix · GitHub

It’s not in the mailing list archive yet for some reason.