store archiver output problem

I’m very new to all of this and trying to view a video file. I click on Xarchiver and it comes up with this error:

“view store archiver output” or something like that. How do I view these types of files? And how would I go about unzipping files?


Video file open it with VLC player

in the file path (whether /Donwloads or /Desktop …etc) open terminal and type:

unzip yourfilename.zip

That didn’t work. When I right click and try to open with VLC, it does not work. I also tried unzipping in the terminal with the file name and I get:

cannot find zipfile directory in one of archive.7z or
** archiveNew.7z.zip, and cannot find archive.7z.ZIP, period.**

Zip files are also password protected.

It is a 7z file. I don’t see any unzipping program installed because when I try to install in terminal and does not resolve to debian.org.

can you type here what is your file name?


  • VLC play videos
  • unzip extract files from zipped file
  • debian not resolve has something wrong with your internet or configurations

you are confusing things and each one has no relation with the other one.

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