Stopping tor loading at 5% and 2 with bridge

I’ve been trying to connect to Tor for the second day, but to no avail. And to be honest, I can’t even understand if I have Internet on Whonix. I tried to run a virtual machine on windows, and using NAT the Internet did not work, but when I used a network bridge everything worked. I did the same on whonix and tried it, it didn’t work, I raised a personal VPN, it didn’t work, I tried 2 other VPNs, a proxy, it didn’t work, without a VPN and a proxy, respectively, I also tried with and without different bridges. Everything freezes at the first stage. I also tried it on NAT. What can I do about this? I live in a censored country

No need to touch NAT vs bridged network. This is unrelated. This is documented here: Warning: Bridged Networking

For your connectivity issue, the following wiki page is applicable: