Stay anonymous while watching videos online


Is there a way to be anonymous while watching videos ( for ex. youtube)
I use Tails, I never tried Whonix, I think it’s hard. In tails you can watch videos with low security settings, but is it safe ?
How I can stay anonymous while watching videos in Tails?
If that is not possible I will install Whonix.


You can download videos using youtube-dl.

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

youtube-dl youtube-link

Then watch the videos using VLC.

That provides more privacy but security wise I doubt anyone can comment on that. It’s like asking which code is more easily exploited, the firefox or vlc video parsing code.


Why watching YouTube videos over Tor, in this case Whonix, would be non anonymous or raise privacy concerns? I don’t get what is the problem.


Not a Whonix / Tails specific issue. It’s about browser fingerprinting. Documented here:


Thanks Patrick, then I guess the issue is more about YouTube browsing habits that would build a unique profile over time based on interests, timestamps, etc.? As for fingerprinting my understanding is that Tor Browser reduces it to the maximum.