Static IP showing after going through Whonix

My current Whonix is behind a static IP. For some reason, on a https forum, it showed up as part of the tracking and I can see it on that site. How can I change this in the gateway or settings where that address off the TOR browser never comes up to anyone.

What static IP do you mean? Do you claim your clearnet IP is leaking?

I have the Whonix hooked on the Virtual Box Gateway- on the website after browsing with TOR, the static IP that is assigned to our router shows up on the site.

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Are you talking about a local IP? Something like

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I"m talking the routers static IP address. not a local IP but an official static that is assigned to a router.

lets call the static 78.150.11.X or some such (yes, I just made that up)… Its the static gateway address for the router

Did you login in that forum before at any time without using Tor / Whonix? If so, the website (forum) might have logged it and show it as part of a login history. Some websites provide such a login history showing your historic IP addresses for security purposes. In that case, there is nothing Whonix or Tor can do about this. Don’t ever reuse any account you have previously used without Tor / Whonix.

Did you run a Tor relay / exit server?

And you are SPOT ON! Damn, I logged into that site with a different browser when I found it outside of TOR. Yeap, user error in the extreme. Thank you Patrick!

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