"stateless computer"

“A hypothetical stateless computer would solve the problem of malware persistence, but it still could not protect against the damage (data-exfiltration) caused by successful exploitation.”

Hi I was reading the wiki and what highly interested me what a “stateless computer” is?

What exactly is that?

A “stateless” computer would return to its initial state after turning the power off (a completely stateless computer would be useless as you need some state to do anything with it), this means everything is by design either volatile or read-only (this would also includes things that might not be obvious like BIOS and firmwares).

Also see the references from the wiki:

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ohhh interesting,thanks for the information!

What if I told you I built a model for computing that does not use numbers in any way? Purely connections, nothing else - no numeric variables, no measurements, no logic operators, no math period?

I have a working model that does if-then, do-while, a randomizer, a relational database and a calculator that can do add/sub/multi/div.

github com/johnvlilley/Stateless-Computer (add the dot between github and com)

(read the statelesscomputer.docx that is in the directory. it is not finished I have a long way to go)

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