Star Lab Titanium - Linux distribution focused on security

hello guys good afternoon ,
there is a security-oriented linux distribution,

Titanium Linux simplifies Mandatory Access Control (MAC) policy creation, requiring only policies for protected applications, libraries, scripts and data files.

  • Denies by default access to protected entities even from root level users
  • Controls and restricts direct access to system hardware resources, such as peripherals and storage devices
  • Prevents malicious modifications of system BIOS and firmware
  • Enables secure software updates
  • Encrypts and authenticates MAC policies as part of the secure boot process

Titanium Linux removes unnecessary OS functionality which could help an attacker analyze system configuration, execution flow and protected applications.

  • Disallows unsigned module loading or process debugging
  • Removes Kernel functionality and features
  • Eliminates the chance of hardened configurations being modified or bypassed in the field

I have tried to get a copy but I think, it is only for United States personnel


Linux designed exclusively for the US military - I’ll pass thanks.

It looks more like marketing spin than anything else i.e. give it a strong sounding name “Titanium Linux”, provide a limited product datasheet, then put out your hand for government contract $.

Regarding this:

Star Lab’s Titanium Linux offers the most robust Linux system-hardening and security capabilities available on the market today for operationally-deployed Linux systems. Designed using a threat model that assumes an attacker will gain root (admin) access to your system, the Titanium Linux maintains the integrity and confidentiality of critical data and configurations while assuring operations.

Sure it does. That’s why nobody has ever heard of it, and their claims can’t be substantiated without access to an publicly available ISO.

Further, that is pretty well the approach of Qubes - assume you’ll be owned, that’s why you have largely read-only qubes in a framework that compartmentalizes activities, with use of Disposables largely possible for almost everything including networking, USB, Tor applications, opening untrusted files etc.

If it is a monolithic OS i.e. everything done on the one system, then it wouldn’t come close to Qubes security model.

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