stackexchange self-answering

check.torproject.org still works a lot of the time so it can still be good for checking. It’s never given me a false positive before.

I find it weird that Roger Dingledine made that post.

Him asking isn’t so weird. It’s not that he wouldn’t have known the answer most likely. tor.stackexchange.com was in staging or beta or something by then still. Meaning, if activity or quality (or whatever private company stackexchange.com decides) would have been too low, stackexchange would have shut down tor.stackexchange.com. So it was an initial community effort to get the ball rolling so to speak. I also asked questions and answered back then to make the page worthwhile.

Also, perhaps TPO uses this page so others will find these answers on google or perhaps even their support desk (still existing) refers to it?

Because otherwise also this question would seem strange if asked by him.

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Ahh, that makes sense. I didn’t think of that.

I find it funny that he answered himself in that post you linked.

Many people think only criminals use Tor. For example ransomware. This would be a good link to give to people who think that way. So Roger asked this question knowing he was going to answer it IMO. Maybe just trying to get out in front of this issue?


I didn’t notice he also self-answered since I didn’t read enough but indeed self-answer makes sense.

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