SSL Major Bug - LogJam Attack - Diffie-Hellman -


Now my Question. Whonix are involved? Debian at OS?

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More technical Report follow

SYSAdmin Test!


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just to make ur point specific, the question is: is whonix website ssl/tls encryption (or any other website with this encryption) effected with these attacks?

because these attacks r not on the operating systems , these r on the websites. (and i think u know the diff.)

thnx for the info tho. :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this to attention.

At time of writing, there is no mitigation available for Tor Browser yet. Tor Browser upstream ticket…
Defend against the logjam attack:


whonix.org was affected. Now mitigated.

Dear Patrick.

Now the Question or should i say thee Answer. I download via Clearnet SSL 128bit to WS. So iam listened to NSA ! So what i read, fully listened to NSA! So forget 128bit SSL! Recommend 256 to my Clearnet Server! I am very sorry to ask this.

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So probably i am downstairs at present Time with my Host to upload anything of my Customers!

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