Hi all,

I want to SSH into the GW (8.2) to do some analysis there on how things are set up. Just research, no need for anonymity, so don’t worry about the possible issues this introduces.

I’ve installed and enabled the SSH deamon and opened up de FW (GATEWAY_ALLOW_INCOMMING_SSH=1).

The weird thing is that I still can’t SSH into the GW. A netcat into 9050 works fine, so connectivity seems OK.

SSH quits with: ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection closed by peer

I’ve tried from an “internal network”, “host only” and “bridged” interface setup. But same behavior on all.

So before digging any further (maybe VB is the issue), are there any other protection besides the FW that might cause this behavior?

Kind regards, David.

Have you seen our documentation on this topic already?

Thanks! Didn’t see that. This works!

Cheers, David.