ssh anonymous connection

I’m connecting to my VPS from whonix to SSH. Every time i login to my server it says “Last login from ip address”.
These addresses are tor exit nodes ips. If someone look into logs they can see this metadata ip+timestamp of connection. Over time i be connecting thousand times to that server so there will be many ips+timestamps. With that information adversary can make correlations. If they control both entry and exit nodes, they can easily deanonymize me.
How i can improve my anonymity when connection to ssh ? does setting up hidden service and connecting using .onion address instead of real server ip would help ?

Any pseudonymous interaction runs a bigger risk with time, but it doesn;t automatically “break Tor” by itself.

Not anymore as Tor adds defenses

Hidden services are vulnerable to a different set of attacks so it’s all equal. You should use an Onion Service because they provide better protection against bruteforce attempts on your SSH server.

What you mean mean by pseudonymous interactions ?

If i connect to ssh using .onion address does my server logs will be “connection from …” I’m not worry about brutforce, i’m just trying to undestand if connecting to ssh using .onion minimize ip logs,metadata etc.
I red that is better not to leave tor network if possible - not cross exit nodes. So thats why i’m wondering if connecting to ssh using .onion rather than real server ip gives me anonymity points :slight_smile:

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