Spending some hours exclusively on Whonix("The Whonix Adventure")

Time: 6+3wp

Added the wiki guide.

Best to run local Q21125433(??–> “!wdt Q21125433”) software(ie. package gnome-clocks) but if you’re out of options modify this link https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/?q=timer+1+h&ia=answer to keep track of your time

Purpose of topic:

  • To publicly announce you’re gonna spend some time + time spent exclusively on Whonix and gather hours like you’re gathering resources in a game.
  • Almost like a “game” where you gather hours, for each extra hour or extra time you get you edit your own post ie. 5h+2h+!3h! or 5h,2h,!3h!(5h spent at some point in time, 2h spent later, and “!3h!” stands for your next plan where you plan to spend 3 hours on Whonix material).
    ** This stated purpose has an alternative as stated later
  • As part of this “game” you don’t have to say what you are working on and it’s probably better for your privacy, but if you want you can say it(as long as you don’t leak anything sensitive)
  • Nobody’s checking what you are doing so if you’re “cheating” in this “game” nobody will really know or has the ability to know in a certain way.
  • Purpose is not to brag about ‘oh look at me how much I’m dedicating my time to whonix and related technologies’ but to track how much time you spend for the improvement of whonix and/or related 3rd party services(I’m personally interested in Q21125433 TCP games that I may be able to potentially host over Tor through .onion services)

Do’s and don’ts:

  • Do make only 1 post in this topic
  • Don’t make more than 1 post in this topic(cause you’re gonna only need to edit your first post, unless the forum at some point in time won’t allow you to edit your first post, in which case I’ll update the do and don’t rules accordingly)
  • (if…) Do make another post with time information and possible extra metadata(depending on your threat model use less or more information that you add) if you can’t edit your last post(where you attempted to add your hour stats and related information)

Pros and cons starting with the <<<<< cons >>>>>:

  • Documenting what you are doing might work against your privacy
  • Stating how much time you spend on whonix and .onion and whatnot might help others to track you
  • If you’re truly paranoid, act is if this topic doesn’t exist
  • Even if you aren’t paranoid you can still be tracked and analyzed, if your privacy situation is critical to your survival ignore that this topic exists.
  • Participating in this topic might make you “dumber”, no guarantees that you’ll become much more sane playing this “game”.
    ** Playing the “game” might not fill up your time enough that in case you identify as a “gamer” or even better a “hardcore Whonix gamer” this “game” might not be enough for your gaming needs/entertainment.

<<<<< pros >>>>>:

  • Playing this “game” might make you “smarter”
  • You can disclose as much as you want…if you wanted to you could have an internal counter…ie. inside a Qube which isn’t connected to a network interface, then disclose your total sum of hours and in as many sparse intervals as you want.(ie. once a year and even with random differences between times of publication)
  • Maybe you’ll appreciate that you are spending some time trying to be part of the whonix community your way, if that means only reading on the forums, interacting on the forums or you’re trying to setup new services it’s all up to you.
  • Be proud of your attempts to make the community a better place by adding services, time learning more, helping others, interacting with others etc.
  • If you like challenges, you could take it as a challenge to see your own accomplishments over time on how much time you spent only dedicating time to Whonix and using Whonix.
  • The privacy footprint can be minimal, a user who has dedicated let’s say countless of hours, their stats could look like this: “5+1+1+2+1+1+7+3+1+1+2” or like this “25”

“Game” rules:

  • If you’re extremely privacy sensitive(and you should be!) instead of adding hours you can add how pleased you are with the amount of time spent rp+p+h+s…making it a bunch of emotions felt and gathering an “emotion score”. rp stands for really pleased, p for pleased, h for happy(you were happy about your time spent regardless of if you made a service in less than 10 minutes, read a post for 10 minutes or you made something else in let’s say 12 hours time)
    ** In such a case a score could look like algebra 5rp+3h+18s or you can make up your own ‘codes’ and avoid disclosing what they mean and just gather algebra symbols that only you know what they mean.

Open questions:

  • I’m not excluding a possible future high score, but it will probably be very subjective, who will be at 1st place could be difficult if there’s disagreement, maybe more than 1 “player” could share the 1st spot, 2nd spot etc… I’m not starting on this idea cause it might delve into being silly and I don’t want to encourage anything silly(although this topic might encourage such stuff, if this topic gets out of hand please do what is necessary to keep order and civility, it is my hope this topic does not encourage bad behavior, but adds to something useful)


  • I was thinking about that maybe a more relevant category could have been “General Tor and Anonymity Talk” but in the end I opted for this category about Whonix, though it might fit more into a category about 3rd party services, depending on how the topic develops(or doesn’t develop)
  • The time I spent on this topic I will not add to the total time of my personal Whonix adventure.


  • The time I lost making, editing and working on this topic(I might be proud about this topic in the future but that remains to be seen)
  • I almost started regretting making this topic, so I’m gonna post it so I can at least spend one “game” hour. I’m counting on that I’ll reach more than 100 hours spent totally in the future.
  • If there is a similar topic like this one please point me to it(if it already existed before I created this one) or if it is somehow very similar to this one.
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I like the idea, i’ll keep an eye on this.

This won’t work, i had the same issue on my I2P Post, i think it’s 30days or something, after that only mods can edit posts.

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watching a talk with arma at defcon 25.(if you want the video, let me know and maybe I can share it with you, its from youtube)

Thanks for the information, I updated my guide.

If moderators of this thread have a better idea, you are welcome to post your idea regarding my modified guide. Thanks