Spectre on Workstation?

I bought an Intel CPU at the end of 2017, days later, the Spectre Vulnerblebility is discovered and shocked me. the good thing is, no designed malware using Spectre at that time, half years goes for now, I’v install all updated paches, is there any better idea for Spectre Vulnerablebility? It can be fixed?

What exactly is your question here? Spectre is a (growing) collection of hardware bugs that affect all hardware but Intel disproportionately more and there are still newly discovered vulns that are yet to be patched.

When I can buy a PC without hardware bugs as serious as Spectre?

Probably not in the near future because they will continue finding more bugs in this space in the coming years. So even if some are fixed in silicon others will surface that need software workarounds. You might as well buy something today and have the latest patched kernel running on it to be safe.