[sourceforge] Whonix - Anonymous Operating System - Project Development Help Wanted

Just now submitted a Project Development Help Wanted post in sourceforge forum.

Haven’t done that in a while. Was time to renew that. Current post below. sourceforge relaxed with edits, post bumps or new posts after a few days. Posting there can be useful. Some contributors found there way to Whonix through that. Suggestions for modifications to the Project Development Help Wanted post or for future posts are welcome.

Project Homepage:

Any of the following skills can help!

  • bash
  • python
  • Debian packaging
  • Linux sysadmin
  • web development
  • documentation
  • user support
  • outreach

Project goals:
Becoming a mature Linux distribution. Improving all its aspects.

If you’re interested in long term involvement in Whonix, please sign up for Whonix forum and say hello!

For any questions in advance, you can also send a private mail:

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