"Sorry, you can't put images in a post" (can't post images in forum)

I’d like to post screenshots in XFCE theme thread. Do I need image uploading enabled on my account?


You need to get the “Basic” badge on your account. You get this by being active and commenting/posting.

is this feature useful @Patrick?

Yes, this is to weeds out spammers. Most spammers hit and run. They don’t waist time posting non spam just so they can get the opportunity to hit the forum with a few screenshots.

cant they as well hit the spam level with speaking rubbish words just in one single unrelated topic?

Spammer can spam (actually troller better word) the different here just words or words + screenshots.

since the basic account has limited posts then with or without screenshots is irrelevant thing to spamming control.

A better word would be advertisements or GiFs.

@AnonymousUser already has that:

Even trust level 2 member already.

The current spam protection is sufficient. Spam protection systems don’t attempt to implement “real security” (the closest would be hashcash or bitmessage). They address actual automated spam that’s actually happening, it is not theoretic all encompassing. It’s mostly security by obscurity. So any “but it’s security by obscurity so you could as well as give up before trying” fatalist argumentation would be invalid. Spam protection is unfortunately only either good enough or not good enough.

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Temporarily relaxed.