Sometimes connection doesnt work

I am using vpn over tor scheme. Works a bit slowly, but pretty nice. But sometimes conenction just dissapears. OpeVPN GUI lights with green (win 7), but there’s no traffic. I am trying to disconnect from vpn and check tor only traffic, but no good. Why is that happening, how should I debug and fix it? Thx.

Hi squarebob

If you are using Tunnel instructions from the Whonix wiki please follow the steps provided on How to submit a VPN support request.

If you are using a VPN on the host, its Tor over VPN. The following terminology if preferred to prevent misunderstanding.

User → VPN → Tor → Internet

If VPN is on the host:

I am trying to disconnect from vpn and check tor only traffic, but no good.

I’m not sure what “No good” means. You were able to disconnect VPN. You were not able to disconnect VPN?

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I am connecting to VPN from workstation (virutal machine) through whonix gateway, so its VPN after TOR. The problem is that sometimes connection dissapears. I cant connect anywhere though OpenVPN GUI lights green. When I am disconnecting VPN and leave only whonix’s tor, there is no connection too. It appears again only after rebooting whonix GW virtual machine.

Hi squarebob

Your using a Custom Windows-Whonix workstation? Whonix does not support Windows.

If you would like support you can use a supported platform and use the following connect to Tor before a VPN instructions. Otherwise your questoin can be answered as per the

Supported Platforms

Follow All of the Connecting to Tor before a VPN instructions. Be sure to follow “Prevent Bypassing of the Tunnel-Link” which is also on the page. This is to prevent unexpected results such as broken connectivity and/or traffic bypassing the tunnel-link and only going through Tor.

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