Something Went Wrong! Tor is not working in this browser.

This is the message I get after it just auto updated to Tor Browser 6.0
It opens one new tab saying this.

The IP check on the default whonix tab says I’m using Tor though.

Is it just because tor button is disabled in the browser and is on system level or there is something else?

Before the upgrade to tor 6.0 it was fine.

Which Tor Browser version? Which virtualizer? Which Whonix version?

Was Whonix-Gateway running?

Does this issue persist?

From what you have explained in Something Went Wrong! - #4 by Ego

I understand it should be harmless since it is just about:tor page

seems that when you just have updated your browser this page auto opens and from there the confusion of new users that see it and they are told they are not using tor.

So, it’s just a false positive of the built-in tor test that is not made for whonix. From what I understood.