Something is broken in my system / Whonix-Workstation detected, but the meta package non-qubes-whonix-workstation is not installed.

If I autoremove some of packages if I will set testers repositories and then run dist-upgrade packages will be back ?

I didn’t have coIM installed, but after update I got it installeg. Now Whonix is using coIM by default ?

I doubt that but I am also not sure I get the question right.

Yes, search in anon-meta-packages/control at master · Whonix/anon-meta-packages · GitHub

Yes sure @Patrick, I’ll do so and keep you (and the community) posted if I have some troubles while removing the above packages.

Again, many thanks for your support, you can’t imagine how your contribution is helpful.

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I did a snapshot before I launched sudo apt autoremove and afterwars everything is working very well. So that seems that the above packages are not required for the proper functioning of the Workstation.

Will update if something changed in the well operating of the system.


Good Question dear Cottonwoodhill. Really good! Same Problem!


Hello ef86

What do you mean ? Do you also have the list of packages that the system proposes to remove ?

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Dear Cottonwoodhill, please excuse me for answering so late. Yes, I have the same problem.


Hi ef86,

In my case, I removed the above packages by running apt autoremove and that didn’t affect my system. (From what I have seen until now, but I’m not an expert)

So please if you also do so, backup your Whonix before and be aware of the risk. See Patrick’s post documented here

Hope that helps :wink:


Dear Cottonwoodhill,

done too and works perfectly!


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