Some Background on the Tor Foundation

I use the Tor network every day and, indeed, I’m using it right now. However, I also like to get the biggest picture possible on the world, so when I encountered this podcast I listened to it with interest. It takes a skeptical stance towards Tor on the basis of its sources of funding and the strange associations of some of its people as well as the people connected to it.

As a couple of examples of data that particularly give me pause (I’m not saying these are objectively most significant, just that they strike me):

  1. The Tor Foundation currently gets 90% of its funding from the U.S. Government.

  2. Jacob Applebaum often promotes the line that Tor helps (peaceful, freedom-loving) “dissidents” in Syria who are in danger from the “genocide” being waged by the Syrian government.

  3. The Tor employees are paid very generous salaries.

  4. and 3. mean that there is an incentive to avoid stating the bald truth regarding the U.S. government: that it is the biggest threat to peace and freedom in the world at present. A view such as mine, that the USG needs to be completely dismantled, is one that simply could never be spoken, nor even thought, by a Tor foundation employee. That money is blood money, like all taxes, taken from productive people at gunpoint.

  5. He’s repeating the NATO narrative regarding Syria, but the situation in Syria is not quite as simple as that, with NATO-backed militias being trained in Turkey and being brought over from Libya. Very strange, coming from an apparently intelligent man.

How much money have you contributed to the Tor Foundation since you started using Tor?

None. But your comment is a non-sequitur, since the answer to your question has nothing to do with anything.

The Tor Foundation gets 90% of its funding from the U.S. Government because the project can’t survive from user donations (as you demonstrated). Applebaum talks about this in the CCC video. They would love to not take government money but there is are no alternative (calling bitcoin millionaires).

Tor people have always been open about funding and rehashing the same shit over and over and over again gets tiresome.