(Solved) Whonix Version 8.2 - 8.3 Question

Hello dear Patrick.

A little short Question. Presently i use Whonix Version 8.2. Is Version 8.2 upgradable to 8.3 or must i install Gateway and Workstation 8.3 new? Thank you in Advance for your Help.

Best Regards!


Hi, thanks for your question!

8.3. currently is a testers-only release. Announcement:

Upgrade 8.2 → 8.3 is possible.

At the moment you can upgrade from Whonix testers repository (since today), see also:

Maybe in future you can upgrade from Whonix stable repository. Maybe 8.3 stable will be skipped and Whonix 9 will be the next stable release. Let’s hope 8.x → 9.x upgrade will be possible as well. Can’t say yet, but doing my best.

Dear Patrick.

Thank you for your fast answering. Of Cause, yes i hope too, that Version 8 can be upgraded to Version 9! Thank you for your fantastic Work!

Best Regards