[Solved] Which Port for Bitmessage / Bitmessage slow down


Which Port should i use for Bitmessage?
https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Stream_Isolation says nothing about Bitmessage.
At the moment i use the port 9101 (xchat) because i dont use xchat.
But if Bitmessage runs my entire TOR communication is extremly slow.
clearnet website takes ~120 sec to load, but only sometimes, mostly they not load.
onion sites never load if Bitmessage runs.
If i turn off Bitmessage TOR respond normal.
The System Monitor display me 2-5 KiB/s receiving, i dont understand why Bitmessage slow down so extremly.
Has another person the same issue with bitmessage?

I can only answer the stream isolation part.


Use one of the prepared custom ports. (Read around “Without IsolateDestAddr and without IsolateDestPort: SocksPort to 9159”.)

No idea about the other part.

I have changed the port to 9152 as you suggested and now everything works fine.

Thank you!

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