[Solved] TorBrowser not installed in Whonix 8?

When starting the standard Whonix Workstation 8 for the first time, running “Update Tor Browser” from the Workstation desktop gives the message that TorBrowser is not installed. A manual install is no problem of course. It just feels curious for a new user like myself, when the Whonix documentation suggests that TorBrowser is installed by default. Is there an error on my side (I verified both images before importing into VB) - or is this a design implementation with Whonix 8?

Yes,TBB not installed by default,just run update and download it,takes some time,after run and ok.

Not having Tor Browser installed by default is better for licensing reasons.

Not having Tor Browser installed by default is better for security reasons.

  • Forces the user to get an up to date version of Tor Browser. By the time users download Whonix, mostly the shipped version of Tor Browser would be already outdated.

thanks for confirmations.

Tor-over-Tor will be prevented by the whonix dummytor design. So it makes no difference, if to disable the Tor Launcher add-on (enabled by default in Tor Browser)?

In theory, no difference. In practice, it is untested and seems to provide no advantages as far I can see.