[Solved] Tor Browser homepage

In Whonix 8, the Tor Browser doesnt show the about:tor homepage as default anymore. Unless the homepage button or new identity button clicked.

Is this intended or a bug? Would like to see the original homepage instead of a blank page

This is intentional. about:tor doesn’t apply to Whonix users. They may add other Tor specific content with any update. We need our own local homepage.

You can get the default homepage by starting /home/user/tor-browser_en-US/start-tor-browser or by creating your own shortcut.

While I don’t agree with this change it doesn’t make sense to not also disable this homepage when New Identity is clicked. Either show about:tor for each of them or not.

I think we’d be happy for a patch fixing this issue and perhaps also adding a Whonix local homepage.

Why do you prefer the about:tor page?

I feel better seeing the green Tor icon, a psychological thing. Now it’s empty, boring.

Also I would really like to see Tor Browser untouched, in this case it’s no more original. Hey, at least it’s not a custom homepage, I would hate that.

Still better than Tails’ custom built browser